GPS ANKLE MONITORS require a strap deposit.

All monitors also require either a qualified cosigner who is willing and able to pay up to $1500 for device replacement in the case of damage. If the cosigner is unwilling or is likely to be unable to cover the cost, you must pay a cash deposit. Full pricing disclosure will be given at start of service.

Deposits will be refunded within 10 business days of device removal, provided the device is returned in good condition.

NOTE: If you are reincarcerated or hospitalized while wearing a GPS ankle monitor, please encourage the facility to call us for removal. If they cut the strap off, YOU are responsible for the replacement cost.

TERMS: Payment for services is due on or before the 3rd of every month. Payment must be made IN ADVANCE for services, for the entire month. Some devices incur a daily charge; you will be refunded for unused days during the month.

Non-payment will be reported to the courts when a device is court-ordered, which could cause your bond to be revoked and/or an order for arrest to be issued. There are no refunds for failing to comply with a court order.

Clients or Cosigners may pay via credit card, debit card, money order, or cash. Courts and attorneys may pay via official check.

Initial credit/debit card payments MUST be done IN PERSON WITH VALID ID and an authorization form must be filled out. Automatic Debit is preferred. A new form must be filled out any time a new card is used.

Cash and Money Order payments must be done in person with an authorized Advanced Community Services agent (who may be different from your bondsman). A receipt will be given.