We offer GPS monitors for high risk defendants, troubled & at risk teens, and medical patients who meet certain risk criteria (such as dementia or autism). We primarily serve the courts and medical professionals, but will consider working with others on a case-by-case basis.

These monitors are highly sophisticated and will reveal the client’s location within a very small radius. Our monitoring is 24/7 and is admissible in court. We are able to geofence and provide alerts for various boundaries. For example, if a defendant is on house arrest or in a medical facility, we will alert when they leave the property. If they are restricted from being at or near a particular address (such as a victim), we will alert when they get near that address. We are able to provide victim notifications and minute-by-minute location reports.

We will coordinate with law enforcement, first responders, or our fugitive recovery team to apprehend or physically locate a client as needed.

Because these devices use such advanced technology, there are numerous terms and conditions to ensure client privacy, device protection, and court compliance.

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